For women like you 🙆‍♀️

We are Abibelle, creators of comfort. Our mission is to offer the best clothes for real women, women like you. To be comfortable to take charge, to be yourself and succeed in accomplishing each day with greater ambitions than yesterday.                                                    


Comfort. The most comfortable clothes without neglecting style. All clothes are designed, tested and approved with our mission in mind!

Acceptance. For us, every body is a real body. Whether you are small, tall, a mother or not, you deserve the same comfort and sense of well-being.

Feeling beautiful. We want you to feel the Abibelle glow. The bomb effect when you look at yourself while wearing our clothes. We want you to glow!

Respect. For us, it is important to respect not only the woman, but also the planet that surrounds her. So, even though our manufacturing is abroad, we make sure that our factories are as ecological and humane as possible. All our factories are managed by a Quebec company that pays its employees adequately and fairly. Because it counts that the manufacturing of a garment is aligned with our values.



Photo propriétaire Emie-Jade Gagnon

Émie-Jade Gagnon

Creator of Abibelle, it's my third little baby. With a bit of madness and way too much Redbull, Abibelle started out as a children's toque and grew into the company it is today, one little insanity at a time.

Photo co-propriétaire Cedric Richard

Cedric Richard

When you're with someone as crazy as Émie-Jade, you dive into a million adventures head first! I left my teaching degree to continue to grow the business and develop a common passion that drives us both!

Karianne L'Heureux
Marketing Coordinator

Our new marketing coordinator is such a PRECIOUS part of our team, a real octopus. She's the one who makes the whole marketing universe run smoothly and she's even taught me to be A LITTLE organized.

To talk to her: karianne@abibelle.com

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