couverture lourde ivoire
couverture lourde ivoire

Heavy comforter Ivory

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Couleur - Ivory


It's safe to say that the Abibelle department of miracles is ON FIRE🔥!

For those chums/blondes who have been convinced, see the ¨lower¨ section.

The weight of the blanket: She weighs 12 pounds. That said, for sleeping it should not exceed 10% of your weight.

Dimension of the cover: Simple bed (74 inches by 48 inches).

Special health condition: It is recommended to get professional advice before purchasing the item.

The weight of the comforter provides a calming effect & reduces anxiety. Isn't that wonderful?

The comforter is made of jersey, like some sweaters. It is washable, soft, allergy friendly, non-itchy & breathable.

Hi there! Well, if you're reading this I have a pretty good idea what happened:

Partner: OH-MY-GOD! Tssaaai there Abibelle.

You: Yea... 🙄

Partner: Well they're bringing out a comforter. I want it.

You: No .

You made a compromise: He/She will get the comforter.

Once you've made that one-sided decision, well, here you are. I guarantee you'll love it as much as we do, if not more, and there will be no bickering, it's huge!

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